My WoW Doujinshi: Chapter 1 Draft

Updated 5/11/06

I’m thinking of creating my own doujinshi. I have some initial ideas for about two chapters already. It will be in the World of Warcraft setting. Beware, it might be spoil the reading experience for you guys if you read this post =D

Brain dump

Here are some ideas I have right now.

These are by far not the real thing yet, and WILL change in the future.

This is just as draft.

I have already have two chapters for the story in mind, and it will be about a female warlock.

Her name will be Leshiya.

Anyway, in the first chapter, we see her in the “Slaughtered Lamb” in Stormwind, in the basement floor. I’ll put it in story format so I can visualise it more:

“Haaah… finally I’ve got all my materials…” Leshiya takes out a small wooden block from her pack. “Heartswood core aye? So this is gonna help me summon that demon eh?” she said doubtfully, while eying the small piece of wood.

“Wasn’t there a nice story to this piece of wood again?” She said to herself. Her imagination wandered, and saw two night elves locked in lust. Leshiya shakes her head. “Dam, I have to focus my mind at the task at hand here”.

“Now I need a pet to help me take this demon down…” She rummages around her pack, just to be left with nothing. “Oh crap, I don’t have a Soul Shard?” She swore, ” Damn, and a Void walker would help me so much too.” She said disappointedly. “I guess an imp will do” she said scornfully, while closing her pack.

Leshiya closes her eyes, and spreads her arms. Her hand starts glowing dark purple as she prepares. “Knog’pir, I summon thee, come forth and do my bidding.”.(LOL at summoning statement, I might change this to demon tongues so people cant see what she’s saying =P). A dark glow shines and a small imp appears before Leshiya. “What do you want now?” The imp said rudely. Leshiya said, “I need your help in taking down the –”, she began

“Yeah yeah whatever, lets get this over and done with, so Knog’pir can go home” Knog’pir broke through. Anger built up in Leshiya, “that imp annoys me so much” she thought to herself.

Holding back her contempt, she calmed down and began the summoning ritual. Spreading her arms, her hands again started to glow purple.

“I summon from the depths of the dark netherworld, from the abyss, from the eternal void. I offer thee –” Leshiya lifted up the small piece of Heartswood “I call forth… Succubus!” She bellowed. Knog’pir started and looked up at Leshiya, “What?! A Succubus! Knog’pir hate Succubus! I’m outta here!” The imp quickly dashed out of the room, away from the summoning circle. “Where are you going you crazy imp?!” Leshiya exclaimed. By then, the imp had already disappeared into the dark depths of the musty basement. “Damn it! Taking on a powerful demon without any help? This is gonna be hard…” She said through clenched teeth.

The summoning circle glowed a bright violet colour and shone, a blinding light. Leshiya’s arms quickly came up to defend her eyes from the shimmering light.

A sillouetted figure appears within the blinding light. The dark figure starts speaking in demon tongue. “Demon tongue aye?” She quickly casts the demon tongue spell.

“… from the netherworld. Who summons me?” The succubus says in a deep booming voice. A deep voice? “It is I, Warlock Leshiya of Sern.” Leshiya yells back. “Defeat me and prove yourself worthy to be my master, Leshiya of Sern.” The succubus bellowed.

The shimmering light quickly fades and then succubus become visible. “A male succubus!?” She exclaimed. “Since when are the succubi, male?!”

“And a hot one too!” She thought, dazedly .

The succubus didn’t hesitate, and quickly moved, brandishing his whip. “Ack! He’s too fast! Caster types aren’t supposed to battle melee types!” Leshiya thinks, frantically. “When I get my hands on that imp –” She thought as the succubus lashes his whip. “EeaAaah!” Leshiya squealed, as the whip quickly wraps around her wrists.

“I must cast Fear quickly!” she thought. As she began chanting, she could feel her mind slowly slip away. “..wwha? w-what’s happening..?” She looked up at the succubus, and she could see that he too was chanting. “did the succubus look so good before…? No… no… he must be using that seducing spell… must cast Fear before it’s too late.. fear… fear… fea…” Leshiya’s word’s mumbled into nothingness as her mind blanked from the spell of the succubus.

“Hah, weak human,” the succubus snickered. “Did you believe that you could be my master, with those petty skills? Hah! It’s the other way around, fool” he laughed. “I will have my way with you before I kill you” he sneered. “Take off your clothes and sit down.” He said, while playing with his whip. Leshiya tried to resist, but to no avail. “…no… noo… what am I doing? … is my will that weak..?” Leshiya thought deliriously. She slowly lowered herself on the pedestal, unclothing herself. “Yes that’s it…” the succubus murmured.

The succubus approached Leshiya, and towered over her. He took out his thick rod and shoved it in front of her face, “suck it” he demanded. Leshiya stared blankly at the pulsating pole. She slowly opened her mouth and encapsulated the member in her mouth and started sucking and licking. “That’s it…” He said, grabbing her by the hair.

“Now lean back and spread yourself” he said. Leshiya slowly complied, still staring blankly. “Let’s get you ready shall we?” the demon questioned mirthfully. Leshiya nodded, and closed her eyes. The succubus took out the hilt of his whip and lowered it , touching her slimy hole. Leshiya’s breathing grew shallow as the felt the distinct figure slowly enter her. Suddenly, he thrusted the hilt down into the deepest depths. “Aaa-aaahhhnn!” Leshiya gasped, arching as she felt it go all the way.

The demon continued thrusting, in and out until she was almost there. “My turn” He said. He lowered himself at her entrance, and touched her ripe pussy. “no… too big.. wont fit” she murmured breathlessly. The succubus just smiled his teethy grin and just continued into her. “aaaaaahhhhaaa…aaaAAAHH!!!” she screamed, as he penetrated her with his hard long member. “aahhaaah!!~” she gasped. “You seem to be enjoying this” the succubus said mirthfully. “…aahh yesss….! faster..! deeper..!” She sighed ecstatically.

He continued to thrust her faster and deeper, and she continued gasping and sighing louder and louder.

“Cumming!” she cried. “Hrrmpph” the demon replied as he too was getting close. He continued thrusting as hot White cum splattered all over and inside her pussy. Leshiya screamed as the pleasure shot through her. “AAahhh~!!” She shrieked.
“Now wasn’t that fun?” the succubus said, withdrawing himself from her. Leshiya continued laying there, still breathing hard, eyes closed, without a word.

“Sorry, but it’s now time for me to– aargh!” He snarled as a firebolt hit his back. The succubus swivelled around to find a small imp at the doorway. “Knog’pir hate fighting succubus. Master better reward Knog’pir for this” Knog’pir growled, as he continued to throw firebolts at the succubus. The succubus gnarled and dodged the firebolts.”You!” He snarled. He drew closer and closer to the imp, and single firebolt seared against the succubus’ arm “Why you little–!” He yelled. “Master help, Knog’pir going to die!” he squealed, as the succubus drew ever closer. Knog’pir glanced at his master’s direction and stopped frozen. “Eep! Master is in scary mood! Knog’pir will flee!” the imp yelled frantically, dashing away again into the depths of the mouldy basement. “Come back here you cowardly gremlin!” The succubus growled. He began towards the door. “Succubus” a small voice came from behind. The succubus paused and slowly turned around and jumped in surprise.

Leshiya was weakly stood there, partly naked, cum still drooling out from inbetween her legs. But that wasn’t what the Succubus jumped at. A deep dark purple aura surrounded Leshiya as her spell was nearly ready. “Who’s the master now” she said softly, as an evil smile crept on her face. “Oh no–” he said alarmingly.


“Aahh… so you managed to subdue the demon… and it’s an Incubus too. Well done. ” Gakin congratulated her. The incubus just stood there looking dreary, still sizzling. “I see you even had a shard to summon him, excellent. A warlock should never be running around without atleast a few of those” Gakin lectured. “Yes, Gakin,” She said gleefully, “Luckily I had a reliable source to get it from” The imps shriek still echoed in her mind.

Whoo~ I finally finished the draft. I’ll probably continue to edit this page, until I’m happy with it. People are welcome to comment on ways to fix my story if they like, I would be very grateful for it.

P.S. Yes I know that that you can’t get Soul Shards from your existing pets and yes, I know that there is no such thing as the Incubus in World of Warcraft so stuff you. =P


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